Latest- Case Study

Latest- Case Study

Lessons Learned Online Education in Sri Lanka During Covid - 19
 E- Lankapura

E- Lankapura

Sri Lanka's First interactive Multimedia-based E-Learning Production.


E-Learning Content Development and Playing Tool


Director of NELRC
Senior Lecturer (Grade II)
Department of Commerce and Financial Management
Faculty of Commerce and Management

Director's Message

Welcome to the National E-learning Resource Centre (NELRC), University of Kelaniya. NELRC was established in 2017 under a national budget of Sri Lanka with the aim of fulfilling the e-learning demand of the country.
The concept of traditional learning has changed drastically due to the development of internet and related technologies. Also the environmental changes which are happening time to time has raised significant challenges to the continuation of the education system, thus forced to convert to online mode.
As we are entering to a new era of the revolution of online education, NELRC truly believes that education should be equally distributed and accessible to all. In a country like Sri Lanka online education is treated as a luxurious item due to the socio economic differences. Therefore, NELRC is more focused to develop e-learning technologies and contents which are affordable to access by everyone and more over to empower every educator to develop their own e-learning contents.
We have been a success so far in this regard and successfully delivered two products: e-Lankapura and NeLcon studio.  We could able to achieve this targets by bringing talented people from various disciplines such as Management, Social Sciences, Humanities and Computing under one umbrella.
We further aimed to strengthen our research, consultations and training in the field of e-learning to take the future digital learning needs of Sri Lanka on our shoulders and committed to serve the nation as truly a national research center.


National E-Learning Resource Center,
University of Kelaniya,
Kelaniya 11600,
Sri Lanka.


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